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Land Rover Show - Driffield UK

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Land Rover Show - Driffield UK. The Greatest LR show 2005 by Land Rover Owner Magazine.


...hmm Dream Team... This picture reminds me of old poster I've had on the wall in my room as a child. That's pitty, no more Camel Trophy any more...


This is a Defender110 I belive, because no car can be seen under this mud... There was a few off-road races in Driffield. Every single car looked like this one:)


Land Rover LightWeight: was designed as a light weight (500kg) military 4x4. It's infact the smallest child of LandRover. This one certainly doesn't look like one. Few modifications and what we've got?
Land Rover LightWeight Monster Truck!


There was a hawk, vulture an eagle show as well... These birds were behaving like dogs... incredible...


... and another one...


Thats a lovely thing, isn't  it? Defender 6x6. Picture looks like 3rd axle was added in PhotoShop... but it wasn't. It's for real. I've seen it. Tere were also RangeRovers 6x6, even Discoverys!


For those that hadn't tickets booked, there was a free car park. Full of Land Rovers as you can see... but what's that? It's a Jag I belive?

...and at the end - a movie. Defender runs over an innocent car. Awesome!
(click bellow to watch)

Defender Destroyer - movie WMV. Just take look yourself...